truckstop kitTruckStopTM was formed to meet the growing demands of the industrial world to improve safety and reduce costs associated with operator accidents and abuse.
A revolutionary new fleet management system which prevents unauthorized operators from using lift trucks and other materials management equipment, TruckStopTM will record who uses what, when, and for how long.
The system consists of a Truck Control Unit (TCU), a dash or cage mounted Truck Reader, Driver Keys and TruckStopTM software.

law sBill C-45 became law on March 31, 2004. It makes your company and its employees criminally liable for work-related accidents and/or deaths if you have failed to comply with safety regulations. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety suggests avoiding any future issues by implementing an effective health and safety program at your workplace. With TruckstopTM, the machinery will only function with the proper Driver Key and so cannot be used by other departments. This ensures the machine is always available for use when needed, and is only handled by people who are aware of its proper function. This leads to fewer work-related injuries and keeps your company and employees safe and compliant with the law.

accountabilityOperators have more incentive to care for machinery as management can generate a report to find out who used what, when and for how long. This makes operators accountable so they are more driven to perform pre-operation safety inspections and reports. The incentive to ensure machine safety will result in less damage and abuse as well as reduce maintenance costs.

dashmount hand transOnce a lift truck or other material handling equipment is equipped with a TruckStopTM unit, it cannot be activated until an operator presents an authorized user Driver Key to a dash mounted reader. The reader LED will change from red to green and the equipment will be enabled. At this point the driver can attempt to start the ignition. If the Driver Key is not allowed access, the reader will beep twice and record the activation attempt. A programming kit is required to authorize users and trucks.