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Cansec Systems Ltd. is a leading Canadian manufacturer of access control systems and biometric products for the integrated security systems market. A privately owned Canadian corporation established in 1987, Cansec specializes in the design and manufacture of electronic card access and biometric solutions. Our access control solutions range from single door, stand-alone card access systems to fully-featured and integrated solutions for controlling access to multiple facilities with complex requirements. Our access control systems are complimented by a complete line of biometric, proximity, and iButton® readers as well as photo ID systems and accessories. Cansec is renowned for pioneering the use of iButton technology for use in access control systems and now carries that experience over to the revolutionary TruckStopTM product line. Truckstop is available through select dealers.

About TruckStop

TruckStopTM was created to meet the growing demands of the industrial world to improve safety and reduce costs associated with operator accidents and abuse.
A revolutionary new fleet management system which prevents unauthorized operators from using lift trucks and other materials management equipment, TruckStopTM will record who uses what, when, and for how long.
The system consists of a Truck Control Unit (TCU), a dash or cage mounted Truck Reader, Driver Keys and TruckStopTM software.
The Truck Control Unit (TCU) stores the ID number of up to 100 Driver Keys.
The Truck Reader is constructed of high-impact plastic. Driver Keys consist of a non-volatile memory chip housed in a hermetically sealed stainless steel disk and are designed to stand up to years of rough service. Its small size makes it suitable for carrying on a key ring. Each Driver Key contains a unique 64 bit ID number and cannot be duplicated.
All system programming is done at the PC using the TruckStopTM software. The software supports up to 255 Trucks.