TruckStop Express was designed to improve safety and reduce costs associated with operator accidents and abuse.
  • TruckStopTM I.D. Keys will only allow authorized users to use equipment that they are programmed into.
  • When equipment is deemed unsafe, TruckStopTM is the easiest and most effective Lock-out, Tag-out product available.
  • TruckStopTM has the ability to make sure the pre-operation safety inspection form process is being adhered to, as stipulated by law.
  • TruckStopTM is not capable of measuring work of any individual. It is a security system that monitors run time of equipment.
  • TruckStopTM may improve union/management relations by reducing the number of incidents, improving productivity, improving safety, and maximizing fleet utilization return on investment.
  • TruckStopTM will help to ensure the meeting of legal requirements for fleet management and maintenance.
  • Authorized operators driving on properly maintained and inspected equipment will result in a safer and more productive workplace.
  • Meets critical Occupational Health and Safety Act legislation which requires that only authorized personnel be able to operate equipment.
  • Institutes operator accountability by having reports that show who used what, when, and for how long.
  • Makes operators accountable for their usage so that there is an incentive to perform pre-operation safety inspections and reports.
  • Makes operators more aware and safety conscious which results in a drastic reduction in incidents and accidents.
  • Causes operators to take equipment to the maintenance department for repair or service as soon as a problem occurs rather than when it will no longer work at all. This results in reduced down time and maintenance costs.
  • Equipment is no longer "stolen" by other departments so the vehicle is always where it is supposed to be.
  • Reports are easily generated and automatically dated and titled.
  • Installs in less than two hours on most equipment.
  • TruckStopTM units can be moved from truck to truck without the need for reprogramming.