TruckStop Express

Fleet Management System

The TruckStopTM Express Controller can store the ID numbers of up to 100 Driver Keys, and a history file of the last 100 events that took place on the lift truck. All information is stored in this non-volatile controller.

Engine Specifications

TruckStopTM Express is compatible with both internal combustion and electric engines. Refer to the lift truck's specifications. You will need to know the type of engine, wiring diagrams, and any associated information. Wiring information for internal combustion and electric engines can be found in the Controller Wiring section.

Battery Specifications

TruckStopTM Express was designed to work in vehicles with a battery in the range of 12 VDC to 48 VDC. Before installation, verify the voltage of the battery on the lift to make sure it meets TruckStopTM Express specifications. To avoid damaging the electrical system during the installation, disconnect the negative ( - ) battery terminal before you begin the installation.


Securely mount the back-box/reader in an easily accessible location. Install the controller in a suitable location that will not obstruct operation of the lift truck. Do not obstruct either of the following:

  • Mechanical operation of the lift
  • Lift truck controls


Route all wires so that they will not come in contact with any moving, sharp, or protruding parts and/or areas of high temperature. Extra precaution must be taken in these instances. Secure all wires with cable clamps, cable ties or adhesive tape.


You cannot connect TruckStopTM Express directly to an AC (alternating current) source. In the instance where you are connecting TruckStopTM Express to AC controlled stationary equipment, the installation must be done by a licensed electrician who will determine what additional electrical equipment is required.

See TruckStop Express Installation Manual for more details.