TruckStop Express

Fleet Management System

TruckStopTM Software

cd truckstop s

TruckStopTM Software is Windows compatible and is used for programming Driver Keys as well as tracking usage through reports.
TruckStopTM Software is required for enrolling up to 100 driver keys per TruckStopTM controller, controlling up to 255 trucks.
The TruckStopTM Express controller stores a history file of the last 100 events that took place on the lift truck.  You may extract and view this data at any time by using TruckStopTM Software and a programming kit.
See TruckStop Express Operator Guide for more details.



Programming Kit

programming kitA programming kit is used to transport data between PC and TruckStopTM controller.
All programming functions are performed at the PC. A unique portable programming kit is used to transport the list of authorized users to the TruckStopTM controller. The programming kit is also used to retrieve the transaction history file from the controller for display, printing and archiving at the PC. There is no need for wiring between the PC and the controllers.
The programming kit consists of the following components:
  • USB Adaptor
  • Programming Wand
  • iButton® Programming Key
  • USB Cable