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What are our customers saying about us?

campbellAs you know we have been fortunate enough to find a partner that allows us the opportunity to pursue technology to control our operator access as well as understand our operational needs in terms of equipment utilization. I see this technology and control as a primary tool for companies that are truly committed to the health, safety, and security of its employee's, visitors, guests, products, and facility.
Truck$top is as tamper free and idiot proof as possible without compromising the integrity of our production process or operator involvement. As a testament to the Truck$top Access control system, actual operators appreciate the level of support and control this technology provides them as they take a more proactive role in caring and maintaining the equipment that they use on a regular basis.

Mr Paul D Tremblay
Toronto Plant Services
Campbell Soup Company Ltd.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

logo dareI would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your proactive approach and professional manner. The assistance you provided in getting the Truck$top System installed and functioning in our plant was excellent. I appreciate your commitment to a smooth transition into the workplace.
I would recommend this system to any plant. I can see applications beyond  vehicle control, the possibilities are numerous and varied. The benefits of the system are clear in the areas of ownership and accountability, safety, damage reduction, equipment utilization and operator control.

Tom Boettger
Production  Services Manager
Dare Foods Limited
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

petrocanadaI have had the pleasure of using the Truck$top system for 2 years. It has given the operators more ownership of their vehicles, as the vehicles are only available to specific people via their key. The reports are easy to read and the software is easy to use. The service and support have been excellent.
I am very happy with this product and the service.

Brian Halliwell,
National Warehouse Supervisor
Petro-Canada Lubricants
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

canadian pacific logoYou have been available for any questions or problems that arose and took the lead in making sure our satisfaction was assured. I would recommend Truck$top as an effective tool for monitoring the safe use of equipment, reducing damages and instilling a sense of responsibility into the staff.  
I look forward to working with you on expanding the use of Truck$top and any future projects that come our way.

Dave Crow
Terminal Supervisor
Canadian Pacific Railway
Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

sunpineWe recently installed the Truck$top Management Systems in all of our mill yard equipment (Caterpillar loaders, butt "n" tops, forklifts, and Steiger tractor). The Truck$top system has been relatively easy to install on our equipment with no maintenance issues. I would recommend this system to any plant that has numerous pieces of equipment. The system has the potential to save us $10,000 to 70,000, depending on machine, per year, per machine in reducing idling costs and extending component change outs.

Wes Galbraith
Mobile Equipment Shop Foreman
Sunpine Forest Products,
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada

Formet Industries (Toronto)

There have been several benefits to having Truck$top access installed on our lift trucks, reduced accidents & incidents, reduced material handling equipment damage, reduced facility damage, increased operator ownership & accountability. We see this technology for companies that are committed to safety of its employee's as well as a desire to utilize its equipment to the fullest and reduce damage to equipment, facility and product by controlling access to qualified operators.

Paul Peltier
Materials Department
Formet Industries, a Division of Magna International
St Thomas, Ontario, Canada

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